Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada

2023 - 2024


       Grand Executive:                   All elected Officers (GM, DGM, GPCW,
                                                     Gr. Treasurer, & Gr. Recorder)

       Financial Review (Audit):       Gerald Waldern, Sandy Lyons


       Finance:                                 Don Murray, Kyles Burns, David Boone, Ron Bairnes


       Laws & Jurisprudence:           Jeremy Gomersal, Wally Watts


       Warrants & Dispensations:     Grand Master, Grand Recorder


       Grievances & Appeals:            Leif Hansen & David Boone


       Condition of the Rite:              Grand Pricipal Conuctor of the Work and Grand Recorder


       Honours & Awards:                 Richard Laronde & Richard Porter


       Ritual:                                     Jerry Kopp & Dick Gutfriend

             Saskatchewan Group:        Troy LaBlonc, Patrick Davis

             Alberta Group:                    Wally Watts, Terry Gould and Ivan Hall

             B.C. Group:                        TBA

       Fraternal Dead:                       Grand Chaplain Bob Lemmons


       Historian:                                 Robert Turner


Website Ad Hoc:                               Jim Whyte, Cliffe Hartmier, Matt Mozil, Terry Gould,

                                                         Kyle Burns and Jack Drebit



Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada Royal and Select Masters

Further Light in York Rite Masonry

Office of the Grand Recorder

Right Illustrious Companion
Kyle Burns