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Facts about the Foundation

·       All administrative costs of the Foundation are donated by the officers and directors of the Foundation.

·       Over the last twelve years the Foundation has donated directly to the University of Toronto $225,000 for Alzheimer’s research projects.

·        The Foundation has pledged an additional $125,000 to the University of Toronto for further research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Funding is provided primarily from three sources:

·        Investment income earned on the capital;

·       Personal contributions from Cryptic Rite Masons and friends of the Foundation.

·       Bequests from estates of individuals who made provision in their estate planning.

  In recognition of donations of Five Hundred dollars or more since June, 2008, an attractive Neck Jewel and Lapel pin are issued to the donor. (Illustrated example appended hereto).  Donations to be mailed to: The Cryptic Rite Charitable Foundation  c/o Thomas R. Janes, 2108 Garrison Gate, Sarnia, ON  N7X 1H7.

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How Can You Help The Foundation Meet its Commitment

  The Foundation’s growth in the last twelve years ($100,000 to over $375,000 in capital) is through the generosity of the members of the Royal and Select Masters across Canada and their friends who have donated to our capital fund and the tireless efforts of speakers on this subject at all functions. 

  Many of our members have been affected by or have known family or friends that have suffered from this debilitating disease and by virtue of their donations, are making a difference, we hope, for future generations.  Research is expensive but the cost of the disease in human and financial terms is beyond calculation.

  If you wish to talk about this research and our Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact any Director, through your local Council.

David G Walker, President
Thomas G. Janes, Treasurer
Donald F. Kline, VP Ontario
Gerald E. Tetzloff, VP Western
John R. Dollimount, VP Eastern
David P. Hardie, VP Medical
Donald J. Emerick, Director

  The Cryptic Rite Foundation qualifies as a charitable foundation under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and can issue income tax receipts to anyone making a donation.

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  The Cryptic Rite Charitable Foundation of Ontario, Inc. was incorporated in 1982.  It was founded by Letters Patent in Ontario to provide a means to fund research into neurological diseases.  From its incorporation in 1982 it has supported Parkinson and Alzheimer’s research.    Initially, support was directed through the Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Society’s.  In 2000 the Foundation donated $2,500. to each.  However, during that year it was felt that more could be accomplished by donating directly to a research program.  Thus, after due diligence, a relationship was formed with Dr. Joanne McLaurin’s research with the University of Toronto with an initial Grant of $6000.  In the ensuing years these grants steadily grew so that by 2007 that support totalled $100.000.  In 2008 the Foundation made a five year pledge of $125.000 fulfilled in 2012.  This pledge has been renewed for a further five years.

  In 2012 Invitations were extended to the Grand Councils of Cryptic Rite Masons of Western and Eastern Canada to join this Charitable Foundation in an effort to make the Foundation National in scope.

  Accordingly, in May, 2012 the Grand Council of Cryptic Rite Masons of Eastern Canada passed a successful motion to join the Ontario Foundation, followed by a similar motion presented at the Annual convocation of  Grand Council of Cryptic Rite Masons of Western Canada  on May 12, 2012, which was passed unanimously.  Subsequently, the name was changed to the “Cryptic Rite Foundation Inc.”  In 2014 Dr. McLaurin’s Research was relocated to Sunnybrook Hospital and our Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to continue our support of her valuable research.  This year, our donation of a further $25,000 is the fourth installment of our 2013 pledge, bringing our accumulated support for Dr. McLaurin’s research to $325,000., $250,000 through the University of Toronto and $75,000 through the Sunnybrook Foundation.


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